Roles at M&F Funeral Services

Our funeral team consists of the following roles:

Funeral Directors

Our Funeral Director takes overall charge on the day of the funeral.  The Funeral Directors are experienced in all roles within the business and are able to arrange funerals and take care of the deceased.

Funeral Operatives

Our Funeral Operatives are responsible for taking care of the deceased to our very high standards.  The Funeral Operatives will play an important role on the day of the funeral and will drive the fleet.

Funeral Operative/Arrangers

Our Operative/Arrangers carry out a dual role of being a Funeral Operative and Arranger.

Funeral Arrangers

Our Funeral Arrangers work from our Funeral Homes to take care of clients’ every need. The Funeral Arranger will arrange the funeral or funeral plan with utmost care and attention and will liaise with all parties involved.